Thursday, 3 February 2011

Research - Advertising Penwith College

Existing promotional material for Penwith College.

Penwith college and Truro college have several ways of advertising the college. The one that most people would see is the advertisements on the side of First buses. These buses go pretty much everywhere in Cornwall and are the buses that take college students to and from college. The other ways that they advertise the college is their prospectus'.
We looked at prospectus' from 2003 to 2010 and 2011 ones, the ones in 2003 look like they should be for  primary school. They have really simple colours and it doesn't contain much information and the information It does contain is written like its a 10 year old. There are some poor photos that have been hand drawn. It really doesn't appeal to the target audience its supposed to.
The next one I looked at did have photos of students doing different activities such as kyacking and music. The font is a decent style but they're still writing as if the target audience is primary school children.
We then compared these to the new prospectus' from 2010 and 2011. These look so much better and look a lot more professional. It has a lot more information about the college and and a very in-detail descriptions of the courses available. The photos don't look very natural and look as if the student have been told to pose like that. But they do look like they are happy and are enjoying college. The font is easy to read but the photos on the front attract your attention away from the title on the front cover. The theme / background is continued throughout the prospectus. 

The first logo is the logo that is found on the older prospectus'.I don't think that it is right for the target audience as it looks like it should be for 30+ years.
The second logo is the logo that is now the newer prospectus'. I think that this one is more eye catching and interesting. It still has the same idea as the first one but has been adapted to go with the years. The blue is the same colour as the prospectus'. Also Truro college is green while Penwith is a greeny blue (turquoise). I think this is good as it shows that we are joined but still gives the college its own identity.

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