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Target Audience - Advertising Penwith College

What is a target audience?
"A target audience is a specific group of people that the marketing message is aimed at".

The demographics of Target Audience
A target audience can be people of a certain age group, gender, etc. for example: teenagers, females, single people. There are different age genders that company's aim at such as pre teens, midteens, olderteens, preschoolers. It is hard to get your product to catch every ones eye as everyone is different to one another.

There are 5 main demographics for Target Audience:
1. Age, Sex and Ethnic Background.
2. Marital Status.
3. Occupation and Income.
4. Geographic Locations.
5. Technological Expertise

Our client is Martin Tucker the Director of Penwith College. We need to use photography to produce of the students looking happy and graphic design to produce the Postcards. I also need to use video as well to create our webisodes and Finally we need audio to use in the Webisodes. We have already looked at existing material such as prospectus' and how they relate to the target audience.
Our target audience that we are targeting is 14+. There is several groups of people in our target audience as there are the students that have just come from school having sat their GCSE's, there is then the people that have been away from education and want to get more qualifications. These people are usually single parents that have given up their education to raise there children. Or it can also be for adults that didn't get very good grades that can get the grades that they wanted to before.

1. Age, Sex, Ethnic Background is a very important part of our target audience. The ages we are targeting is 14 - 28. It is also aimed at male and female as Penwith College is a college for Females and Males. The ethnic background doesn't matter in this either as Penwith college will accept any ethnic background.
2. Marital Status isn't very important in this case as our target audience is younger.
3. Occupation and Income isn't as vital for our Webisodes but if we were producing something that someone would have to buy it would be more important as we would need to aim it at people who would have the money to buy the product.
4. Geographical Locations is important as well as it depends on what area you are in to depend on what signal strength. This could be for the T.V or the Internet. Also because most of our target audience is teenagers they will most probably be living at home this means that they would have things like Internet that they might not be able to afford if they were living on their own.
5. Technological Expertise is a big factor in the Webisodes as they are going to be put on YouTube. We are going to put it on here as the target audience spend a lot of time on the Internet and they will know how to get to them to watch them.

The younger generation of today is like a "YouTube Generation" as most teenagers have been on Youtube. We can use it for helping us with work, listening to music or just watch videos for fun/entertainment. They can also be put as "Ipod Generation" as most teenagers will own an Ipod and will listen to music in many different places, like walking or on the bus. With using Ipods you are able to just download a particular song and not the whole album. Also if you get bored of listening to the same songs in the same order you can put it on shuffle. This shows that technology has developed as you wouldn't have been able to do this when Cd's were the top technology. It is really important for the target audience as they use the internet so socializing and keeping in touch with their friends.Technology is more entwined in our lives now than it was before. For example if you miss your favorite program on the telly your are able to go online and watch it on website such as Demand Five, 4oD, iPlayer and ITV Player.
These websites show the development of Technology over a period of time because if this was a couple of years ago this wouldnt be around and people would be recording the programs they wanted to watch on a tapes.

Demand Five is for the channel FIVE so you
 can catch up with any programs that are on FIVE.

4oD is a Channel for E4 so you can catch up with
any programmes that you may have missed on E4.

iPlayer is for the channel BBC so you can catch up on
all the programmes that you are abel to watch on the channel.

itv Player is for all the channels ITV1, ITV2, ITV3 and
ITV 4 so that you are able to watch the programmes that
are on the channel that you have missed or would like to
watch again.

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