Thursday, 10 February 2011

Ideas - Advertising Penwith College

We have been given a brief by Martin Tucker (Director of Penwith College) to "Create multi-media promotional materials for the opening of the new campus".

"Financial losses incurred by companies, as well as profits will be real ones"
this puts quite a bit of pressure on us but I think that its good because it makes more realistic to what it would be if we were doing this as a job in the future.

We are going to have a meeting with Martin Tucker soon so we can discuss what he wants us to do and if he has any ideas that he wants developing.

The first thing that came into my mind when someone says promotional materials is posters. They catch peoples eyes and able to be put in many different places (with permission). Another way of advertising that can be quite effective as they can be worn about anywhere and at whatever time are t-shirts with slogans or logos on them. I like this idea because t-shirts can be worn about anywhere...for example some one could see someone wearing a t-shirt down an isle and posters aren't able to be put up.
Other ideas for advertising that were discussed were:
  • Documentary videos
  • Radio Jingles
  • School Talks
  • Leaflets/Postcards/Posters
  • T-shirts
  • Bookmarks
  • Memory Sticks
Another idea was using different disciplines together....for example we could use dance and media or media and music.

We have to think of 3 ways of promoting Penwith college. I am working with Hayley for this project.
  • So far we have come up with an idea of creating posters, flyers, leaflets and postcards. The posters should include the college Logo, bold font, pictures that catch the eye, colour. We could stick them in the schools and also in shop windows that post 16 students that will go in. And also other shops that adults will go in so that we are covering the target audience.
  • Another way we could promote the college is by creating a promotional video about the college. It can include interview with Lectures, Students and Past Student and how much the college has changed. You can also include a tour of the new buildings/campus but then edited it so that its faster, the courses that are available to do here (include a wide range for subjects to entice more people to come to Penwith College.
  • The 3rd way we could advertise the college is by going into the feeder schools and talking to them about the college and include the things you would put into the video and the posters and flyers so that you try and influence them. You don't want to overload them with information so that they switch off. You need to make it fun and interesting so that you keep their attention as much as possible. Also if it was intractable then this may also help.
We have come up with an idea of working as a big group. We brought all of our ideas together and have thought about making webisodes. We have thought about the target audience and it shouldn't be too long or people with a short attention span will switch off. 1minute was too long and 30secs we felt was too short so the clips are going to be around 45seconds long which is in the middle. We are going to have short clips and each one is about a different aspect of the college, these being:
  • Hair and beauty
  • Media / photography
  • Catering
  • Art
  • Science / forensics
  • Music
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Drama / Dance
  • Sport
  • Campus
For each of these we are going to include:
  • Hair and Beauty : hair, nails, massage?, facials.
  • Media / Photography : film process, darkroom process - portfolio
  • Catering : cakes, savoury, chopping garlic, film a cake rising in the oven.
  • Art : 3D, Mono-printing
  • Science : Lab experiments, CSI.
  • Music : music process, music instruments, Logic.
  • Motor Vehicle : maintenance.
  • Drama / Dance : acting, dance routine.
  • Sport : gym, stretching, outdoor sport - rugby & football.
  • Campus : new buildings - Zennor, Nanjizal, Penberth, The Manor, Porthcurno, Gwenvor, Sennon.
We then split the sections up between us so that we each had 3 to film.
  • Hair and beauty - Barnaby, Liam, Tom
  • Media / photography - Group
  • Catering - Sam, Naomi
  • Art - Gemma, Hayley
  • Science / forensics - Sam, Naomi
  • Music - Barnaby, Liam, Tom
  • Motor Vehicle - Sam, Naomi
  • Drama / Dance - Gemma, Hayley
  • Sport - Barnaby, Liam, Tom
  • Campus -group, Hayley, Gemma - Zennor and Porthcurno.
For the ones Hayley and I are going to do we our going to storyboard them so we know exactly what we are going to do when we get there to film it.

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