Thursday, 10 February 2011

Pitching ideas to Martin Tucker - Advertising Penwith College

The Feedback Hayley and I got back from the meeting with Martin Tucker was that he liked the idea of the Postcard the most and wants us to develop this idea further. He said that a group did this idea last year so he expects them to be good. He also said that we need to make them as eye catching as possible so we need photos of students enjoying their course and make sure that we have a lot of colours to make it stand out. He wants them to have quotes from students as well so that people who are looking at them have an idea of what the course is like.

The idea he liked as well was the webisodes. This was because it is something new and is a great way to reach out to the target audience. Although he wants us to concentrate on the postcards he would still like us to hep with the Webisodes and do the subjects and buildings we were going to do. He would like us to get interesting shots and angles and show as much of the buildings off as possible.

The idea of posters didn't appeal to him as much as they have been done before. And the idea of the postcard being able to take them away and read about was better than the posters that have to stay in one place. He said that we could easily make the postcards into posters if we had to as they have the same layout.

So at the end of the meeting Hayley and I have been asked to create postcards for each course and still do our part in the webisodes idea.

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