Thursday, 10 February 2011

1st Meeting with Martin Tucker - Advertising Penwith College

Today we had a meeting with the Head of Penwith College Martin Tucker in the Lecture Theater.

These are the notes that I have taken during it:
The product isn't just for 16 year olds, it needs to target everyone in the college including post 19's and adults.
It would help to include pupils perspectives of the college and the teachers as well as they are the ones that have the experience of being part of the college. Also interview past students and ask the, how much it has changed and what the think about the new build compared to what it was like when they were here. "If you want an honest opinion, speak to the students".
We need to convince people from the feeder schools but also want people to come from Mullion, Camborne, Helston as well. And if not Penwith then Truro.
We need to include the campus, courses on offer and students experiences.
Budget - £? Martin is going to talk to Harvey about the budget that we can use. Think sensibly, don't go crazy with money, come forward with a price.

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