Thursday, 10 February 2011

Questionnaire - Advertising Penwith College

There is going to be an Access Student and a Degree Student come in and talk to us about the college and the courses that are available that not many know about.
I am going to think of some questions to ask them when they come in.
1. Why did you want to come back to college?
2. What made you choose this college over the other colleges in Cornwall?
3. What course are you doing?
4. What made you choose the course?
5. What do you think about you having your own building to study in that's away from the rest of the college?
6. What would you like to do after you have finished your course you are doing at the moment?

We have had the interview with the students. 
The first student we talked to was doing a Access 2 Health and Social Care course. She did the course at Penwith College because she came here when she was 16 to re-sit her GCSE's. She also said that the college has changed a lot since then and we are lucky to have all equipment that have have now as there was nothing like this when she was here. After she has finished the course she would like to go on to teaching. This course is good to this goal as she needs English, science and early years and she would like to teach college student. The course is also attractive to those who would like to be a nurse and the biology in the course really helps. There is a good price on fees to get into the access course compare to other colleges and it offers a lot. All together the course includes Biology, Maths, Physcology, English, sociology and is really intense.

The second student we talked to was doing a foundation degree in Community and Youth work.
She decided to go to the college as it was local and the new buildings appealed to her. Penwith college is a positive place and is nice that its a local community like a big family.
The course is "Great", the staff are very supportive and the college has resources that are really helpful. Her children are now at the secondary school so she can come back and the course is at the same times that they are at school so she doesn't miss out on anytime with them. But she had to wait for them to be that age as she is a single mum and doesn't have any support from family as they don't live near enough. Her initial thought was that she wasn't going to enjoy the course that much but now she really likes it and likes it more than she thought she would.

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