Thursday, 17 February 2011

Meetings with Lee - Record Label Logos

Pitching my First Ideas to Lee

I pitched my ideas for my 3 Names and the 3 logos for each name to Lee.

The logo for Unmarked Lee thought looked slightly weird with a CD as the logo as the logo is for a Online Record Company. Even if I use the picture of an MP3 player, in the future the Online record comany may still be going but MP3 may have gone out of fashion. So its best not to use an type of technology in the logo. He liked the fact that the other ones I designed for Unmarked were simple and black and white.

He also liked the idea of the name Flawless. Because the meaning of the word is that everythings fine and nothings wrong. He didnt really like the Diamond because the diamond reminded him of diva. When I saw the diamond it made me think of the product "Finish", "The DIamond Standard". I also didn't think it was a strong logo but the word Flawless made me think of Diamonds.

Lee liked the logo for Ontrack with the train track and he said that this is the one that I should focus on developing. He said that I should play around with the layout of the logo, putting the train track in different positions. He liked the simplicity of it and the train track made him think about travelling and getting somewhere, which is what he wants the label to do.
I am also going to play around with the font types to see if there are any more that suit the logo. But I want the font to be simple and suit every genre of music.

So Far I have thought about moving the writing so that it sits along the train track. Or changing it by rotating the image and font so that its not all plain and straight.
Also I thought about adding colour to the logo. I can either do this by adding colour to the font or making the train track have colour on it. I don't know what colours to use yet, but in my questionnaire they said that yellow is the first colour to catch someones eye. I also thought that I could include music notes so that people can see that it has something to do with music straight away.

Second Meeting with Lee

Last time I had a meeting with Lee he liked the OnTrack logos because they are simple in black and white and eye catching but he wanted me to play around with the layout. I changed where the Train Track and the Words were placed.

Then I still wanted them to be black and white but I wanted them to have some depth in them so I played around with the shades of Greys to see if this looked more effective. I Think that it does.

Feedback from Lee
The first one he thought made the Train Track look more like a Ladder but it still looked like the company would go somewhere but it didn't fit with the OnTrack as well.

The Second one he said that the "T" in OnTrack was a good Idea and is something different to the others.

The Third one was my original one that I had created. He still liked this the most and this is the one that I am going to develop further.
He would like me to experiment with colours although we had discussed about the simplicity of Black&White just to see if it will made it more eye catching.
He also wants me to play around with different Fonts so it doesn't look so 'school notice board' like. He wants me to look into fonts that have straight edges to go with the theme of train tracks and to make the logo look more clinical.
But he thinks that this design will look good on t-shirts and merchandise.

These weren't done on Illustrator so the final designs I am going to do on it so that they will look more professional. I am going to focus on the types of font so that it will make it look more professional aswell.
I created my own train track instead of using one off of the internet. I then changed it to colour by making the vertical lines brown (wooden) and the horizontal lines grey (metal). Then I put a black outline around the train track so that it would make it stand out more and you can see the colours better.
I have tried changing the colour of the font to make it look more eye catching but I am finding it hard to find the right colour that doesn't clash too much and make it look unprofessional.

Final Idea for Lee
I showed Lee the final logo idea I have designed. The feedback have given me is that he likes i have kept it simple and likes the font that I have used. He said that he can see children copying the logo in the back of their school books. And this is because it is rememberable. Also Lee said that it reminds him of a country label and this is too genre specific for the company that is for all genres. He said that the logo is a bit "Undynamic". 
This is the final logo idea that I gave Lee.  I added colour on the train track to make it more interesting than black and white. I changed them to the colours that it should be in real life. I changed the font style and then changed the colour of the font to a grey colour. I did try blue and green but it still didn't look right so I kept it to simple colours. I chose to put a thick border around the font so that if it was on a lighter or memory stick you would still be able to see what the writing says.

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