Thursday, 17 February 2011

Planning - Advertising Penwith College

Renting a camera:
this website is in dollars.
I have found another website for renting out equipment. This website seems alot cheaper and is based in the UK.
To rent this camera it will cost for 3day hire £60 and £200 for a week.
I don't think that we would need to hire it our for a week so to save money I would hire it for 3 days and make sure that you keep track of time and get it all filmed.
these camera are similar to the ones to the ones that we have used in college so we should be familiar with them. Also this website throws in more than just the camera. You receive instructions, two batteries, firewire cable,  charger/power adapter and 4 x pro HDV tapes.
Buying card for the Postcards:  
24 sheets of A4 card

50 sheets of A4 Card

Hayley and I have had our pitch with Martin Tucker and are now on to the planning stage.
We need to plan the Webisodes and Postcards.

So our total budget is going to be:
WHSmith 100 Sheets Premium A4 Card
Hire the Sony HVR Z1 for 3 days
Hire iMac for 3 days
EPSON Stylus SX425W Wireless Multifunction Inkjet Printer
EPSON T1282 Colour and Black Ink Cartridge Multipack
Total Cost

Because Hayley is better at using Illustrator than me, she has been working on some designs on Illustrator for our Postcards. We have slightly adapted the Postcard idea so that it will fold out and have 8 side all together. It will still have the same information on it and will still be the same size. The only difference is that the information will be more spaced out. We may have come across a slight problem because if the card is too thick then it wont crease properly and the postcards will just keep opening out. We are going to try and find some card that isn't too thick to try and solve this problem. We also thought about putting Velcro spots on it so that it will keep it together, as you can buy strips of it and cut out the sizes you need. I think that this will look less professional than if we just used thinner card so I am hoping to do this.
I have been going through the prospectuses to get all the information about the courses so that we can make sure that all the information we get is correct.

We need to start story boarding the ideas for our Webisodes. When we are creating them we need to keep in mind that they are only going to be 45 seconds long.
We need to include short snappy shots so that it will make it more interesting to watch. I would like to record more footage than we need to that we have a selection of shots that we can put in. Also if something happens in some of the shots we have some others to use instead and we don't have to re-shoot everything again.
We are going to ask to shoot in the lessons that are more active, e.g when people are acting creating art pieces and the drama students are acting. Because we could just end up going to the lesson where they are doing written work and this isn't very good for promoting the courses.
Drama and dance are subjects that there is always something going on so it should be easier to film these ones. Also Art is another one. On the other hand Health&Social we will need to plan more carefully because a lot of their work is written and this isn't very interesting for a webisode that is supposed to attract people to the course.
For both of our Buildings we are going to have a shot of the name on the side of the building.
We have gone around the Zennor building so that we have an idea of what room we want to be in our 45sec clip about Zennor. We have decided on the following rooms: Z305, Z310, Z301, Z212, Z207, Refectory, Reception, Z006, Lecture Theater, Dance and Drama, Catering, Z025 - recording studio. These 12 subjects will have to be 3-4 seconds long to fit into  the 45 seconds. But we also need to include a shot of the outside of the building at the beginning of the webisode in that 45seconds as well

We are going to go and do the same for The Porthcurno Building. This one is going to be harder as this building the way you go around the building isn't as simple as Zennor. Also it is bigger so we will need to include more rooms and subjects
We have been shooting footage for our webisodes about the Zennor building. We concentrated on close up shots and little bits of detail and will do the work with the dolly next week. We are focusing on getting enough footage to edit it together so we have something to show martin on Monday 21st March. Martin is going to ask how the project is going. This helps us gain a client relationship with him and this makes it easier for us to create what he has asked. He can also ask us if he wants anything improving or changing, this will be better to do in the early stages of the project, rather than it being too late.

The meeting has been changed to the 28th March so we are going to have one of the webisodes completed to show Martin. We have been around Porthcurno and have looked at all of the subjects that are taught in there. I have then looked at all the type of shot we can do with the subjects and building.
  • Canteen
  • Sports Hall
  • Fitness Suite
  • Library
  • English
  • Science
  • Maths

For the Canteen shot we are going to pan around it and show the layout of it.
For The Sports hall I would like to get a shot of it through the round window so that it makes it look more interesting. But also have a panning shot so people will get a fell of the size of the hall.
For the Fitness suite we are going to get a shot from standing in the doorway so we can see the whole of the room. We are also going to include close ups of the equipment to show them what is on offer.
For the Library we are going to pan across the
We are going to do the panning around each room like we planned but we are also going to include the Close Ups so that it makes the webisodes more interesting.
Also I would also like to include abstract shots such as looking at things through a window frame. This will make it look more interesting and abstract.

We have created a Powerpoint for Martin Tucker about our ideas.
It includes information about the pro's and con's, budget and swot analysis.

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