Friday, 8 April 2011

Webisode - final idea/piece

Final Idea for Webisode

So for our final idea for the Webisode we are just going to create one for the Zennor building. I think that to do 5 of them and postcards was a bit ambitious.

We have created a Webisode all about the Zennor building and all the courses and rooms that it has in it.
We have made the webisode so that its a point of view so it feels like you are going around the building like you would if your a student. We have edited it so that some of the long clips of the corridor have been sped up. I think this gives the video a bit more character then just panning down corridors that look the same. We've included panning shots and close up to make it look more interesting. And we chose to do them on things that people will associate easy, for example, we have a panning shot of the library and then a close up of some books on a shelf.

We have put title on some of the clips so that people will know what room is level is what. And we have followed through with the theme by using a green/blue font.

The webisode is just over 45seconds but we couldn't cut it down anymore as the shot will go too quickly and we wouldn't be able to put all the information we have into it.
We have tried to make this a higher standard than if we made all five of them.

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