Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Postcards - final Idea/piece

Final Idea for Postcards
We have been making the postcards on Illustrator and this is the program which will make these look more professional. 
We started our idea as a normal type of postcard with a back and a front. Then we thought about having it so it has 8 sides that fold up. We did this so that there was more space to put on them as possible. We found this slightly tricky to design as we didn't know the paper sizes and how big to put them on the paper.
We have now changed the design of the postcards back to just to sides like a normal postcard.
We have used the colour scheme of blues and greens as this is the themes that Penwith and Truro college already use already. We have gone around the college site and taken photos of the buildings that relate to the courses on the postcards.

This is the front of the postcard before we had put any pictures on them. We have used the existing logo and edited it so that the lines are used to make the poster look more eye catching. We have kept the birds but put them with the Font so that they don't get lost.
Underneath we have carried on with the colour scheme so that it ties in and have kept with the same font style. 

This is the back of the postcard before the images are added. 
This is a really basic layout that includes all the information you need to know about the course. 
It includes student comments about the course so that the target audience of the postcards get another point of view.
We have carried out the colour theme as well so it all ties in.
This is the front cover when we added a picture of the Zennor building in the background and changed the opacity so that the words can be seen more clearly.
We chose the Zennor building because this is the building that the course is taught in.
This is the back of the postcard with the photos in place.
We have included a photo of Cedric as this is a part of the college that people have heard about and can see from a distance.
We faded the photos so that you can read the writing easier, we also tried to make the writing more inviting to read but still use words that make it sound professional.
We put the quotes from the students into the bubbles so that it makes it look more interesting. This also has the colour scheme on it too. 

We have printed out the Postcard and put them back to back as they should be, they aren't as small as is thought they'd be. But if we were to make them any smaller then you wouldn't be able to read the writing as well.

I would like to print them out again and turn the opacity of the photos down so it makes the writing even clearer. And also make sure that the back is the same proportions and size as the front so that they fit together properly.
And I think that the font on the front need a black border so you can read the words clearer so they don't blend into the photo in the background.

We are going to make different designs for the back because the writing isn't very legible as it is now. We are going to have try and incorporate the round green bubbles from the bottom with the top half with the photos. We have been finding it difficult to do as it all looks squeezed in but we are still keeping the colour scheme.
We have changed the opacity of the photos so that this makes the writing more readable for people who are in a rush or take a glance at them.

Once we have sorted out a design that looks propfessional and we are happy with, all we need to do is keep the design the same and just change the writing so that it is appopriate to the different courses.
The different courses that we are going to make the postcards for are:
Hair and Beauty
Health and Social
Motor Vehicle
Media and Photography

This is the final design for the postcards with the Creative and Media Diploma Information on it:
We have decided that instead of gluing the sides together and making it look tacky, we are going to laminate them.

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