Thursday, 13 January 2011

Research - Record Label

The brief has asked us to come up with a name and logo for an online record company. the style of the label is a "DIY Indie Label".
The logo should look good no posters, flyer's, lighters, t-shirts etc.
The target audience is 18-20year old's and it isn't just exclusive to the southwest. It should attract "Dads Blues Bands" and it shouldn't be associated with Penwith College. It should be "Fresh" and "Cool".

 Universal Music Group now owns Island and Def Jam Recordings is part of Island in the USA.  Both of these logos are black and white and stand out.

The island logo uses the picture of a palm tree. We associate palm trees with holidays abroad. Also islands are a place where we are relaxed and enjoy ourselves. This can make us think that the Record Label is something that we will like because of the association we have with the picture.
I like the way that the 'D' and the 'J' link together and are bigger than the rest of the words/lettering. But you can still see what the logo is saying.
Factory Records was formed in 1978. The logo uses basic shapes but we can still see that its a factory. Underneath is the name, it is basic lettering; I think this is because then it isn't stereotyped to just one genre of music.

Sub Pop also uses black and white. It also used the basic shapes and uses symmetry. They have used the same sort of writing as Island and Factory Records and I think this is for the same reason. Also if colour was added then it might not suit certain genres of music and it will take away the simplicity of the logo.

I don't really like this logo because it reminds me of a label off of a tin can. but then f you look into it and think of the meaning, a used tin can would become "Trash" so it does work. The colours Blue, Red and White are very British colours out together and this relates to where the Label was formed.

These are some other Record Labels that i have found and looked at:

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